Preguntas más frecuentes

What technology do you use to develop the games?

Right now I use Create JS, Zim JS, Open FL to develop HTML5.0 games. For Unity 2d games I use C#
For desktop games I use Actionscript 3.0 ( Flash )
For mobile and smartphone apps I either use plain Actionscript 3.0. For better performance I use Starling framework

What do you need to get started?

I will need a details about the game to be developed. You can either provide the specification in documented form. Or depicted in the form of rough sketches.

I will need the information about your target platform, ie. whether the game is for desktop (win/mac), browser or smartphones and tablets.

Will the games work on smartphones and tablets?

If the programming is done on html5 or AIR they will be able to run on smartphones and tablets too.